Pastor Alexander B. Collins

Pastor Collins' Story

Pastor Alexander B. Collins was born on April 20, 1973, in Division 25, Firestone, Margibi County to his loving parents, Moses Gbaiyetolees Kollie and Mary Nyapue Bango (both from the Kpelle tribe).  His dad was a rubber tipper supervisor at Firestore; however, it didn’t stop them from investing in his education and proper upbringing.  Though Rev. Collins was born in the Marshall Territory, his upbringing was mostly in the Gibi Territory, making him a true son of the county.

Pastor Alexander Collins and Elder Rebecca Collins have been married for twenty years and God did bless their union with three children: Alexis, Emmanuel, and Alexandra.

Rev. Collins aspires to help move Margibi in the right direction and is grateful that God has used him to impact the lives of numerous Margibians over the years.  Pastor Collins is optimistic that Margibi’s best days are ahead of the county and if Margibians can believe in a place still called HOPE, and get involved with the numerous initiatives that God is leading him to undertake, a better Margibi and Liberia awaits us all.

Pastor Collins Educational Background

I wouldn’t had experience this level of successful had it not been for the quality education I received over the years.  I will continue to fight until each Margibian can obtain a quality education.   

Master of Divinity (M. Div) degree from Acts College in Minnesota USA

Mini-MBA Executive Education Certificate in Nonprofit Management from St. Thomas University, Minnesota

Bachelor of Divinity (B. Div) degree from Acts College in Minnesota USA

Graduate of the Minnesota Peace-Building Leadership Institute, a certificate in peacebuilding leadership

Graduate of the James P. Shannon Leadership Institute, Minnesota

Graduate of Twin Cities RISE! Empowerment Leadership Institute, Minnesota

Graduate of the Minneapolis Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Citizen Academy, Minnesota.

Certified Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF), Minnesota Institute of Correction, and the National Center for Credentialing

Certified Offenders Workforce Development Specialist (OWDS), Minnesota National Institute of Correction

Certified Personal Empowerment (Emotional Intelligence or cognitive restructuring) Train-the-Trainer—Twin Cities RISE! Empowerment Leadership Institute

Leadership, career, life, and work skills coach with over ten years of teaching in the USA

Projects Over the Years

Due to the public health crises posed by the COVID-19, Rev. Collins, and his wife Elder Rebecca Collins acquired and donated an ambulance to CH Rennie Hospital.  The ambulance is yet to be shipped by the county authorities as agreed.

Rev. Collins and his wife were also concerned with the hardship in the county due to the COVID-19 virus and how it had overwhelmed the county.  They reach out to the county through the below various measures:

  • Donated $150,000.00LD to 10 community radio stations in Margibi County Liberia.
  • Donated $147,000.00 to 10 high schools to assist teachers with transportation as they prepare students for the 2020 WASSEC.
  • Donated: 75 bags of 25kg rice and $75,000.00LD to seventy-five senior religious leaders.  Fifty of these leaders were pastors and twenty-five were Imams. This was Rev. Collins and his family’s way of identifying with leaders across the county during the State-of-Emergency.
  • Give $26,000.00LD to Lango Lippaye students when he spoke to them about courageous leadership and effective living.

He also gave $20,000.00 LD to Harbel Multilateral High School seniors when he visited the school.

Rev. Collins established a program where high schools in the USA can adopt high schools in Margibi County.  To kick it off, he spoke at Lango Lippaye High school in Kakata and donated $500,000.00 LD to purchase 200 chairs for the institution. Rev. Collins also donated a quizzing bell to the student council government.  He made contact with Osseo School District in Minnesota to foster a relationship between Lango Lippaye High School and Park Center Senior High School in Brooklyn Park. Early this year, the Principle of Lango Lippaye High School, Mr. Morris Farweneh, and Kakata Mayor Emmanuel Goll were scheduled to travel to the USA to cement the relationship; however, the Coronavirus temporarily halted the trip (please see YouTube video).

With God divine grace, Rev. Collins invited Unification City Mayor Samuel Berrian and Margibi County Police Commissioner Sylvester Hina to the United States of America this year and helped to establish two sister city relationships — Isanti, Minnesota and Unification City, Liberia and Waterloo, Iowa and Unification City, Liberia.   Mayors of both cities were scheduled to visit Unification City, but their trip has been temporarily halted due to the coronavirus.  Margibi County Police Commissioner Sylvester Hina met with several police chiefs in Minnesota, Iowa, and North Darkota. Police uniforms and other accessories were donated; those have been shipped to Margibi by Rev. Collins and a 40-footer container is expected in Liberia in September.

With the help of God, Rev. Collins was able to convince and bring Mr. Boyd Morson (US Marine and leader within the state of Minnesota) to speak at Harbel Multilateral High School graduation and Mr. Morson did give Sarah Sanneh (valedictorian) a full scholarship. Sarah started college and has been doing very well. Since Mr. Morson returned to the USA, he has been working with the high school he graduated from to ensure that a relationship is established with Harbel Multilateral High School. 

Rev. Collins with the help of God convinced Brooklyn Park Councilman Wynfred Russell to speak at BWI—where he gave some computers and committed to working with Rev. Collins to resurrect and complete the BWI-Hennepin Technical College project.

Rev. Collins helped Liberia to attend the World Police Conference in Wisconsin, USA. Four police officers from Liberia including one Margibians attend this conference through the involvement and instrumentality of Pastor Collins. 

Rev. Collins was able to take several pastors from lower and upper Margibi and Superintendent Jerry Varnie to Israel — used over USD 10,000.00 of his personal money to subsidize the trip.  Rev. Collins wanted the spiritual and civil leadership of Margibi to experience what is possible and built collaborative international strategic partnerships with a county like Israel and break barriers.

Rev. Collins led a group of (9) persons mediation team to resolve a long-standing dispute amongst members of the Margibi Association of the Americas (MASSA) and worked with the mediation team and the appointed interim leaders to schedule the recently held all Margibians conference which superintendent  Jerry Varnie and few county officials attended in the USA.

Came with a group of Pastors from Minnesota, USA and they bought land in Kakata to build a Library for students, pastors, and community members. God has blessed Rev. Collins with a developmental mind and in the last 10 years, he has fostered several international relationships to help MOVE MARGIBI FORWARD. 

Pastor Collins led the Booker Washington Institute (BWI) Kakata-Hennepin Technical College.  The goal of the project was to have Hennepin Technical College help BWI become a technical College.  This would have allowed some BWI senior students to do six-eight weeks of their courses at Hennepin Technical College in Minnesota.  It would have allowed the exchange of intellectual and educational resources.  Also, it would have offered continuous oversea training for BWI teachers and staff.  Politicians in Margibi County hijacked this project; subsequently, it did not take place. However, there is still hope to resurrect the dream.  Rev. Collins is determined to play a key role in helping to make BWI a technical college.

Rev. Collins led the establishment of the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota-USA, and the Voinjama, Lofa County, Liberia Sister City Relationship.  This process brought Voinjama Mayor to the USA and brought Mayor and City Staff from the USA to Voinjama.  A fire truck was donated to Voinjama as a result of Rev. Collins leadership and work. 

As a Board Member of Fire Rescue Alliance (FRA) in the USA, Rev Collins helped to bring over 21 USA fire fighters to Liberia to train and transfer knowledge to the Liberia fire services.  He was able to solicit several ambulances that got shipped to Liberia.

Rev. Collins established Sister City Relationship between Kakata, Margibi County, and Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.  The fruit of this remarkable achievement saw the Mayor and Police Chief of Kakata, (Eddie Murphy and Dowue Goldoe) traveling to the USA to meet their counterparts to cement the Sister City Relationship.  Under the relationship, ambulances,  fire trucks, and police accessories-bullet proof jackets, etc. were sent in a 40ft container to the City of Kakata.   The Brooklyn Park Mayor and several others did travel to Kakata to foster the relationship with the city of Kakata.  It is worth noting that a tremendous amount of effort goes into establishing these relationships, and it is up to the various cities to actualize the benefits of these relationships to benefit their cities.

Leadership and Accomplishments

2005 to 2020

Rev. Alexander B. Collins is the Founder and General Overseer of Redeemed Life Ministries International, a multiple cultural ministry headquarter out of Mounds View, Minnesota USA where he serves as the head Pastor for nineteen years now.

2013 to 2017

Two full terms Chairman of the Board of Advisors for Booker Washington Institute – BWI Alumni Association of North America (BWIAANA). A major accomplishment of his tenure was the completion of the BWI CLINIC.


Rev. Collins received Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton Outstanding Community Leadership Award. Rev. Collins is a people-centered and community-oriented leader whose unbending values are integrity, teamwork, and outcome-driven service. Some call him an effective community organizer.


Rev. Collins was featured in the Wall Street Journal—a prestigious news agency in America and the world for his outstanding leadership during the Ebola virus outbreak. During the Ebola virus, he worked with others to send several supplies to Liberia. He fought for West Africans in America who were discriminated against at their workplaces. He led an effort to call a rally of over 1,000 persons to speak against what was happening to West Africans. The rally was attended by several state and city leaders, including USA Congressman Keith Alison. As a result of this rally, the governor of Minnesota passed an executive order to stop discrimination against West Africans whose countries were being affected by the Ebola outbreak. Rev. Collins is a real, fearless fighter for justice and fairness.

2016 to 2018

Pastor Collins served as Commissioner for the City of Brooklyn Park Budget Advisory Commission.

2016 to 2018

Pastor Collins served as Commissioner for the City of Brooklyn Park Budget Advisory Committee.

2014 to 2018

Rev. Collins served as two full terms elected Executive Director of the Liberian Ministers Association in Minnesota, a network of over 50 churches and 180 plus pastors. He has played a pastoral leadership role in Guinea, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Liberia, and the United States of America


Received the Brooklyn Park City Mayor Jeffrey Lunde Good Citizenship Award for helping the city meaningfully engage and to connect with its Liberian population. Brooklyn Park has over 8,000 Liberians.


When Piece Collins—who is not related to Rev. Collins—killed his son Barway Collins in Minnesota, Rev. Collins made sure that justice was served. Despite the threats against Rev. Collins’ life, he fought for the mother of Barway Collins—Louise Karlua-and made sure that she got a visa to leave Liberia for the USA to bury her child. In the last several years, Rev. Collins has been fighting for Liberians in the USA and Margibians at home. In the Liberia Senate, he will stand up and will speak out for Liberians in General and Margibians in particular. He is a bold, truthful, and courageous leader.

2013 to 2015

Rev. Collins served on the North Hennepin Community College Advisory Board, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

2019 to Present

Pastor Collins is currently serving the City of Isanti, Minnesota as Commissioner on City Planning and Zoning.