Genuine Leadership, Clear Vision, Real Impact, and Legacy-Driven.

The Forward Margibi 2020 Agenda

If You Want Real Change, Then Make Real Change! The truth is if we want to go to where we have never been, we must do what we have never done.  Over the past years, Margibi has remained underdeveloped and underrepresented. The people of Margibi County are not better off today than they were yesterday.  They are ready for a real change and can’t afford repeated failure after another.

What's Required

Legacy-Driven Leadership

Margibi needs genuine, accountable, and transparent leadership at this juncture to move forward. These are ingredients that should be sort after in our civil and religious county leaders.


The establishment of a teacher and technical college in Margibi County is a major goal of Pastor Collins. Seeking in and out of country scholarship opportunities for students with good hard skills and soft skills should be the mission of leaders in Margibi County. This is why Rev. Collins is currently working to convert BWI into a technical college.

Public Safety

Rev. Collins will seek to enhance public safety & support county law enforcement agencies by building more relationships between the county law enforcement agencies and law enforcement agencies in other developed countries. This remain one of the key drivers to the Sister Cities Relationships that Pastor Collins worked on over the years for Margibi and Lofa Counities. Today, these two counties benefit from fire trucks, ambulances, police uniforms, and the list goes on. As a Senator, Pastor Collins can do more for the county.

Quality Healthcare

Pastor Collins is working to internationally prioritize quality healthcare and foster national, regional, and international healthcare relationships to improve country healthcare--nurse to nurse and doctors to doctors’ relationships between Margibi Healthcare Professionals and Other Healthcare Professionals in Developed Countries. Rev. Collins did secured couples of ambulances for cities in Liberia and will do more as a Senator.


Leaders in Margibi should be advocating and supporting national and county food sufficiency through Prioritized Agriculture. Rev. Collins is willing to fight to increase subsistence farming, subsidized commercial farmers, and advocate for Margibians to engage in real and verifiable commercial farming to support the country and county’s self-sufficiency..

Human Potential Development

Rev. Collins believes that our country and county will secure the future when fathers take their rightful place at home, in the lives of their children, and the market place. Therefore, he intends to establish the Margibi Fatherhood Alliance, the Margibi Association of Next Generation Leaders, New Horizons Resource life transformation program to help disadvantaged youth and adult to think for change

Margibi Faith Community Support Initiative

Rev. Collins believes that spiritual strength is important to a nation's growth. Therefore, he will advocate and support the Margibi Muslim Imams and Community Development by finding meaningful ways to enhance the work of the Margibi County Imams and the Muslim Community, encourage pilgrimages to Mecca by Margibi Muslims, and offer support. Strengthen the relationship between the Margibi Muslim Community and other Muslim communities in the USA, England, etc. Pastor Collins did take 10 Religious leader from Margibi to Jerusalem back in 2019 and will continue to strengthen the community of faith as a senator,.